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Strategic Communications

If you don't tell your story, someone else will.

We believe that well-informed people make good decisions, and that effective communication is a critical component of any successful strategy.

Most organizations have many different stakeholders, including employees, customers, suppliers, the media, investors, the community, governments, industry associations, and the competition. As such, it is more important than ever for organizations to be able to understand the perceptions and objectives of their stakeholders, and to maintain open and effective lines of communication with them.

Our communication services include:

  • Strategic Communications
  • Internal Relations
  • Reputation Management
  • Media Relations
  • Executive Advising
  • Integrated Digital/Social Media Campaigns and Strategies
  • Communication Audits
  • Digital Assets Audits
  • Crisis and Issues Communications Response
  • Change Management
  • Media and Influencer Relations
  • Community Relations

What clients have to say

testimonials quotes
Cathy Downey exemplifies professionalism, communication expertise, and true talent in her strategic approach to delivering on her work. From her conceptual understanding of a project through to the expert planning and delivery of timelines, Cathy was able to minimize stress and maximize impact, resulting in a dynamic, highly detailed, and energized conference. I admire Cathy for her for-profit and non-profit business expertise, and strongly recommend…
Katherine Harmsworth
Trico Charitable Foundation
Cathy Downey is extremely creative in her work and excellent at helping organizations develop key messages and good communication tools.  She is very familiar with current technology and provides extremely good advice about what works and what will not work.  Ms. Downey is an excellent communications expert and I would certainly recommend her to anyone.
Debra Hartley
The City of Calgary
Cathy Downey from Grit Communciations immediate understanding of business objectives, strategic approach and product, her enthusiastic, on-message communications rollout, her deep understanding of the business, and her ability to deliver is unrivalled in its quality and quantity - all combined to form a working experience that was overwhelmingly positive for us.
Giles Hanson
Mahoney & Fox PR, New York City
As a seminar facilitator and coach Cathy has assisted our clients to develop their communication and marketing plans as part of their business growth process. She is called upon to be at the leading of edge of marketing technologies and to provide insights for implementation of their marketing efforts. She accomplishes this with effortless enthusiasm and continues to amaze all involved with her business acumen and vision. Cathy has innovative marketing…
Clifford L. Spyker, CA PhD.(c)
MKS Learning Centre
I have worked with Cathy and Grit Communications on a number of projects over the years, and I continue to be impressed by her deep understanding of the multi-faceted and complex issues businesses face. Cathy's extraordinary passion and her ability to build relationships is in no small part the key to her success.
Brook Carpenter
Travel Alberta
Grit Communications' ability to immediately understand business objectives and deep understanding of collaborative marketing all combine to give an edge. Attention to detail, innovative approach and consummate professionalism makes Grit Communications a pleasure to work with.
Leanne Forbes - President
Medialogic Inc.
What makes working with Cathy so great is that she delivers tremendous results in a quick, professional and sustainable manner but with a perfect mix of energy, strategy, business acumen and, well, fun. Cathy enjoys what she does and was contagious for my team. She puts everything into whatever project she takes on and that pays off in the delivery of solid analysis , strategic advice, flawless execution and fabulous results.
Kim Blanchette
Vice President, Public Affairs, Alberta Energy Regulator and National Vice President, Canadian Public Relations Society
Cathy Downey with Grit Communications is an excellent resource for business communications expertise, strategy and planning. She is well versed in social media and related technologies and provided invaluable advice for our group on how to successfully utilize them. Cathy's exceptional knowledge, professionalism and enthusiasm are evident in all aspects of her work - I highly recommend her!
Shannon Acton - Councillor
Geological Association of Canada
On behalf of Jasper Tourism & Commerce (JT&C), I would like to thank Grit Communications for bringing us your extensive knowledge and experience with complex topics. Your genuine and keen interest with our specific challenges and ability to address a broad knowledge base while connecting key partners enabled us to advance towards the development of a new DMO for Jasper. I strongly believe that without your enthusiastic involvement with this important…
Todd Noble
Jasper Tourism & Commerce
We have worked with Cathy Downey for several years now and she has become an integral part of the success of our fundraising and communications activities. Her extensive experience, deep community relationships, and broad expertise, have helped our organization on a variety of levels - many outside the immediate purview of our professional relationship. Beyond being a consummate professional, she clearly has a genuine passion for what she does and…
Ian Menzies - President
Janus Academy School for Children with Autism
Calgary's pre-eminent communications expert, Cathy Downey with Grit Communications, is quite simply the best. Professional, organized, resourceful, and creative, Cathy also delivers on the intangibles: she is unflappable under pressure, she is warm and gracious at the most trying of times, she is kind, she is considerate, and she is very well connected - because she focuses on relationships as the key to delivering results.
Elaine Lui - Founder and President
Lainey Gossip Inc